About - Dirty Name Ranch, home of The Bucking Mare

Wild, free, and lovin' the ride!!

Welcome to Dirty Name Ranch, home of The Bucking Mare!

I'm just a country girl living the dream and I am inspired by all things organic, wild and free! Originally hailing from California, I was blessed to be transplanted into the wilds of Northeast Washington State in 2010. Creating, crafting, and being a part of nature has always been a part of who I am. Once I found myself living in the middle of a forest with nothing but deer, bears, cougars and wolves for neighbors I really started to bloom. I come from a family filled to the brim with like minded, crazy talented and artistic women so it was only natural that I would start to create, and create, and create. Needing an outlet for all this creating my husband and I took the leap and started Dirty Name Ranch in 2011. I create artisan made jewelry, accessories and more from leather under The Bucking Mare brand. . All of my creations are hand-crafted and no two items are quite the same, whether it be a pair of earrings, saddle bling or hip flask. I use only high quality leather and old saddle maker techniques to hand-tool and hand-stitch my creations.

Dirty Name Ranch is also home to some of the finest gun leather in the west! My husband has spent over 30 years in the military and law enforcement. It was during a deployment overseas that he was introduced to the art of leather work. Upon returning home he promptly sat down and made a saddle from scratch with only guidance from Al Stolman's saddle making books. We still ride in that saddle today! It wasn't too long after that he combined his love of leather working with his other passion, fire arms. Being an expert in fire arms and the art of concealed carry he began to design and develop his own holsters. It wasn't too long before word of mouth started spreading about his holsters and he soon began to make them for friends and coworkers. This eventually lead to strangers inquiring about purchasing a gun holster from us! Our move from San Diego to the far northern border in Washington state finally allowed us to set up shop deep in the mountains. How lucky are we to be able to live this life! To inquire about having a custom holster crafted just for you please email us at HeadMare [!at] TheBuckingMare.com

Here at the Dirty Name Ranch we embrace the cowboy ways! We also believe that there is a Bucking Mare at the heart of every cowgirl! Wild, free, never truly tamed and lovin' the ride! We hope that you will join us in buckin' for the brand!

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